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The Extinction of Dinosaurs - When Dinosaurs Roamed the Earth: Episode 9

February 23rd, 2021


Welcome to When Dinosaurs Roamed the Earth podcast series by Cambridge For Kids. This ninth episode looks at The Extinction of Dinosaurs. Around 65 million years ago the dinosaurs and many other species, became extinct.  The mystery gave rise to countless theories on why. But in 1981 an outlandish proposal was put forward, that a huge meteor smashed into Earth obliterating life. What started off as a crazy idea has now grown into the best explanation of how and why the dinosaurs became extinct. In this episode, you will learn about the KT Extinction Event. The other explanations put forward by scientists. What happened to life after the meteor hit. And how a substance only found in space, solved the mystery  

Written and Narrated by Cambridge University Archaeologist: Matthew John Brooks


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