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Designed for home learning and aimed at children and young adults who are looking to further their knowledge in all things Ancient History and Science.

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Season 1 is almost here!

Our new season of podcasts in almost completed! Fun history stories for all the family, presented by Archaeologist Matthew J. Brooks. Full of facts, the 5 part series brings history back to life. #PodernFamily #cambs4kids #podcasts https://cambridgeforkids.podbean.com

Posted by Cambridge For Kids on Wednesday, 8 July 2020

Cambridge For Kids has produced a number of historical podcasts aimed at children who are looking to further their knowledge in all things history. Episodes are all under 10 minutes, packed full of information that is easy to understand for children. Written and narrated by Cambridge based archaeologist Matthew John Brooks. 


The Rise of the Roman Empire 

Episode 1 – Introduction to the Roman Empire

Episode 2 – The Roman Conquest and Expansion

Episode 3 – Romans and the Economy

Episode 4 – Inventions of Transportation

Episode 5 – Architecture and Engineering

Episode 6 – Life as a Roman

Episode 7 – The Arts and the Romans

Episode 8 – Julius Caesar

Episode 9 – Latin Literature and the shaping of modern-day English

Episode 10 – The Legacy of the Romans


The Ancient Greeks

Episode 1 – Introduction to Ancient Greece

Episode 2 – The Olympic Games

Episode 3 – Government and Law 

Episode 4 – Greek Philosophy, the First Thinkers

Episode 5 – Literature and the Theatre

Episode 6 – Architecture and Art

Episode 7 – Greek Mythology

Episode 8 – Athens and Sparta

Episode 9 – The Olympian Gods

Episode 10 – The Lasting Legacy of the Greeks


The Age of the Egyptians

Episode 1 – Introduction to the Egyptians

Episode 2 – The River Nile

Episode 3 – The Language of Hieroglyphics

Episode 4 – Inventions 

Episode 5 – Cleopatra

Episode 6 – Tutankhamun and the Curse

Episode 7 – The Great Pyramid and Aliens

Episode 8 – Egyptian Burial Customs and Beliefs

Episode 9 – Art and Architecture 

Episode 10 – The Legacy of Ancient Egypt


The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

Episode 1- The Hanging Gardens of Babylon

Episode 2- The Colossus of Rhodes

Episode 3- The Temple of Artemis

Episode 4 – The Lighthouse of Alexandria

Episode 5- The Statue of Zeus at Olympia

Episode 6 – The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus

Episode 7- The Great Pyramid of Giza


When Dinosaurs Roamed the Earth

Episode 1 – Evolution and the Origins of Life

Episode 2 – The Dinosaurs

Episode 3 – Biology, the Biggest, the Smallest and the Strangest

Episode 4 – The Discovery of Dinosaur’s Existence

Episode 5 – Modern-day Study of Dinosaurs

Episode 6 – The T-Rex, King of Dinosaurs

Episode 7 – Velociraptor, the Smartest Creature to ever walk Earth?

Episode 8 – The Herbivores

Episode 9 – The Extinction

Episode 10 – Could we bring dinosaurs back?

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